Women in Manufacturing

Mr. Khasru was one of the participants for the focus topic “Women in Manufacturing” of the report Back to the Future: Manufacturing Beyond COVID-19 to be published by the World Manufacturing Foundation, Milan, Italy.



Policy Brief for the German Presidency

Germany took over the helm of Presidency of the European Council on July 1, 2020 at a critical time with the EU facing manifold challenges of COVID 19 pandemic as well as significant domestic and global issues.  Against such background, the EU recovery plan, adopted by the 27 EU member states at the Special European Council on July 17-21, 2020 was a test of Germany’s ability to manage complex negotiations. Particularly how Germany, the EU’s the most economically powerful and politically influential member, can manage expectations given differences in the socio-economic development among EU member states and public perceptions about the EU. The policy document looks into some of the key challenges for the German Presidency and provides policy recommendations for the German Presidency during the most difficult period of spread of virus, loss of lives, lockdowns, loss of jobs, economic slowdown and resulting uncertainty. 


IPAG’s Activities on COVID-19 in Europe

Phase I: Myths vs Realities

Phase I, on March 26, 2020 IPAG launched an Audio-Visual (AV) highlighting 15 key myths that are globally circulating on coronavirus and debunking myths to factual evidence. The objective was to equip people with correct information so that they can effectively respond to this disease. The AV has been developed in 30 most commonly spoken languages in the world, and shared in 108 countries through various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The following are the links to AVs in the European languages.

English Spanish
Italian French
German Greek

Phase II: COVID-19 Best Global Practices 
In Phase II, on May 23, 2020 IPAG has developed an AV on COVID-19 responses by some countries globally recognized for their efficiency. IPAG has identified successful responses on COVID-19 by countries like South Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, Iceland, and Vietnam. These examples serve as a good model for nations struggling to manage the epidemic which is likely to be around in the near future.