Why Asia is poised to leapfrog the West on its way to a fast pandemic recovery

Media: South China Morning Post
Date Published: 23 Dec, 2020

49 years on, India, Bangladesh should deal with unresolved issues

Media: Hindustan Times
Date Published: 16 Dec, 2020

The Global South’s Pandemic Path to Self-Reliance

Media: Project Syndicate
Date Published: 17 Nov, 2020

After four years of Trump’s ‘America first’, Biden must pivot back to Asia

Media: South China Morning Post
Date Published: 11 Nov, 2020

Navigating unchartered territories needs both caution & diplomacy

Media: Cyber Risk Leaders Magazine
Published in: Issue 3, 2020
Media: Australian Cyber Security Magazine
Date Published: September 24, 2020

G20 Policy Brief on “Incentivizing the Private Sector to Support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

This Policy Brief looks into how the private sector financing can be mobilised to help achieve SDG agenda 2030 at a time when global development funds are shrinking, exacerbated by the COVID situation. The Policy Brief led by Syed Munir Khasru (Chairman, IPAG) and co-authored by Prof. Joseph Siracusa (RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia) has been… Read More

Uniting to combat COVID-19

Media: The Hindu
Date Published: September 23, 2020

G20 Policy Brief on “Displaced Population due to Environmental Perils: The Challenge of Climate Migrants for the G20 Community”

  Worldwide increase in migration induced by climate change require policymakers to take decisive measures for tackling this global threat. For G20 Leadership Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from Nov 21-22, 2020, the Policy Brief led by Syed Munir Khasru (Chairman, IPAG) and co-authored by Prof. John Thwaittes (Chairman, Monash Sustainable Development Institute (SDI), Australia)… Read More

Environmental Sustainability and International Trade: Roadmap for Sustainable Development

Sustainable development and green growth are among IPAG’s core focus areas. In the wake of an ecosystem increasingly threatened by climate change, sustainability of economy, viability of trade, and growth of environment friendly investment is ever more salient nowadays. Green growth through green trade and sustainable development is now at the forefront of the 21st-century… Read More

IPAG G20 Leadership Summit Policy Briefs 2020 (Upcoming)

The G20 is a forum of the 20 most politically and economically powerful countries of the world. The network of leading research institutes and think tanks from the G20 countries are represented in a forum of think tanks called Think20 (T20) which provides research-based policy advice to the G20 Leadership, facilitates interaction among G20 members… Read More