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Environmental Sustainability and International Trade: Roadmap for Sustainable Development

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22 October, 2023



Sustainable development and green growth are among IPAG’s core focus areas. In the wake of an ecosystem increasingly threatened by climate change, sustainability of economy, viability of trade, and growth of environment friendly investment is ever more salient nowadays. Green growth through green trade and sustainable development is now at the forefront of the 21st-century agenda. Through ensuring a green economy fuelled by green trade a path towards sustainable development can be carved out.

The book is a compilation of articles from well respected policymakers, industry experts, scholars, academicians who have delved into the intricacies of green growth and sustainable trade as viable means to achieve both SDGs and environmental sustainability. Addressing these challenges require pragmatic policy recommendations and effective response mechanisms. The research & analysis, strategies & recommendations by the experts and academicians of this book have resulted in the recommendations and responses as mentioned above.

IPAG welcomes suggestions and advice from our patrons, policymakers, knowledge partners, industry peers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, researchers, and analysts as we strive to promote sustainable trade, mitigate environmental perils, and inject momentum in the journey towards a green trade driven sustainable development that achieves the SDG Agenda 2030.

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