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Asia Solar Energy Forum

Manila, The Philipines || 5-8 June 2017

The ADB Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) is one of Asia’s premier networking and knowledge-sharing events dedicated to clean energy and energy access in Asia. In 2017, ACEF celebrated its 12th anniversary, with a wide variety of plenary sessions, deep dive workshops, technical seminars, and other chances for learning and networking. Last year, more than 1,400 participants attended from 60 countries, and this year we expect an even greater turnout.

The Tenth Meeting of Asia Solar Energy Forum (ASEF) was hosted in the ADB Headquarters, Manila on June 2017 during the ACEF 2017. This round highlighted the transformation of ASEF, promoted in a larger arena. Discussions took place with particular focus on solar plus energy storage, solar plus mini grid, and power demand response.

The Institute for Policy, Advocacy & Governance (IPAG) was invited to participate in the interactive Deep Dive Workshops and Technical Seminars of the ACEF forum on June 5th, 2017.  Mr. Syed Munir Khasru, Chairman, IPAG provided a presentation on the “Success of Solar Home System in Bangladesh” in the panel titled, The Solar Revolution and Energy Sector Transformation.

In addition, he was also invited to the Energy Leader’s Roundtable on “Clean Energy Strategies in an Era of Transition” on June 7 as the only civil society representative. The Roundtable engaged 25-30 high level attendees and ADB senior energy experts in moderated discussions on the latest technology and policy trends and challenges in the energy sector, and how they can be effectively incorporated into public and private sector investment plans in developing Asian economies. The outcomes of this roundtable discussion will be used to support ADB thinking in its energy sector development and investment planning with its Developing Member Countries (DMC).