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Area of Work: Covid 19 Pandemic

IPAG is one of the few international think tanks which has prepared 5 Policy Briefs (PB) for the Leadership Summit of G20, world’s 20 most politically & economically powerful nations.

For G20 Leadership Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from Nov 21-22, 2020, following are topics on which IPAG has written 5 Policy Briefs, 3 already have been published by the G20.


PB I: Incentivizing the Private Sector to Support UN’s SDGs

PB II: The Challenge of Climate Migrants for the G20 Community 

Special Policy Brief on COVID-19

PB III: Multilateralism in Times of Global Pandemic; Lessons Learned and the Way Forward 


PB IV: Impacts of Artificial Intelligence and Technological Disruption on Education Employment, and Workplaces 

PB V: Overcoming Barriers, Building Resilience in a COVID-19 World; Lessons from and for Social, Cultural and Faith-Based Responses 

IPAG is undertaking research and analysis on the impact of COVID-19 on important areas like healthcare & public services, economy & trade, education & employment, society & community, and environment & natural resources. We are looking into both country specific as well as cross-country comparative studies to better understand the dynamics of COVID-19 in spreading its effect across countries, regions, and continents and what may be the best ways to respond to these challenges.