Stranded and Unprotected

The exposé depicts the gaps in international laws and regulations in protecting people displaced due to hostile environmental factors resulting from climate change. Climate refugees are people who are forced to leave their homes and communities because of the effects of climate change and global warming. Though natural climate change has happened numerous times over billions of years on… Read More

New Technologies in Power & Energy

The world’s primary energy supply is derived mainly from oil, coal and natural gas. To meet increasing energy demands and mitigating climate risks, it is important to look towards new technologies. These new sources will allow developing regions like South Asia to access cheaper and more economic sources of energy.

Detox for Digital Divide

While the internet wildfire continues to be the economic driver for the privileged and the rich, the marginality should be taken into the internet bracket to clone (and boost) the stable socioeconomic development. “Today, high-speed broadband is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.” – President Obama, January 14, 2015. Let’s pause and reflect on what… Read More

Greening Tourism

This is a short outlook on the linkages of SDG goals that address sustainable tourism and the way forward for this sector in Bangladesh Sustainable tourism may be defined as “Tourism that meets the needs of present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunity for the future” (UNWTO). The challenge is to find… Read More

International Best Practices in Power & Energy Sector: Lessons for South Asia & Bangladesh

IPAG brought out the publication on ‘International Best Practices in Power and Energy Sector: Lessons for South Asia & Bangladesh’. The book provides key benchmarks, pertinent case studies, and represents thoughts, ideas, and intellectual prowess of national and international experts and researchers in the power and energy sector which include  some of the leading global… Read More

Speak up for the Rohingyas

How India responds to the crisis will give a clue to its aspirations as a South Asian power As a response to protests in East and South Asia and beyond over the deteriorating Rohingya situation in Rakhine, Myanmar called for a special meeting with Foreign Ministers of ASEAN last Monday in Yangon. The crisis has… Read More

A wrong turn with the Rohingyas

Myanmar’s de facto ruler Aung San Suu Kyi has called for a special informal meeting with Foreign Ministers of ASEAN next Monday in Yangon to discuss international concerns over the state of the Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine. Since October 9, when soldiers poured into Rakhine, over 130 Rohingyas have been killed and dozens of buildings… Read More

A Trump-led US will need to wake up to the economic realities of a strong Asia

Mr. Syed Munir Khasru says US President-elect Donald Trump has to get over his populist rhetoric and realise that, in today’s globalised world, Asia is a mighty economic force In 1990, Asia’s share of world GDP in real terms was 23 per cent. This rose to 38.8 per cent in 2015 and is expected to… Read More

The power of Bollywood

It is the perfect medium for India to win the hearts and minds of millions, including in Pakistan and other parts of South Asia The India-Pakistan conflict has sadly spilled into the cultural realm, attenuating forces that provide the little glimmer of hope for an integrated, peaceful and prosperous South Asia: culture, arts, music, movies,… Read More

Cancelled SAARC summit exposes Pakistan’s foreign policy failure, whose root cause is its obsession with India

With five out of seven neighbours of Pakistan withdrawing from the SAARC summit scheduled to be held in Islamabad next month, the dismal failure of Pakistan’s diplomacy has been exposed. SAARC’s mechanism dictates that non-participation of any one member will result in cancellation of the summit. Yet five member nations officiated their withdrawal, showing how… Read More